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Watching Drumming Dancing

Meridan Hill Park, Sunday night drum circle Advertisements

Art in Conflict

It’s rare when I leave a museum — despite the many my travels have whisked me into — that what I find inside makes an impression any more lasting than a fingerprint in a ball of clay. Though I’m sure I annoy my fellow travelers by taking the time to read the placards and look at the […]

What is Most Delicious, Please

An aerial view: Four opaline discs with vibrantly-hued bullseyes rise, dip, pirouette as a lattice of hands braids together, untwists itself, and the scene settles on a white backdrop, punctuated like the fourth side of a die. This dance of the dishes has become a fampi3 tradition when we dine out. Everyone orders their meal, […]


It is by the birthdays, the vacations, the new school years, good-byes and welcome homes, the weddings and moves, that we mark our calendars and decorate the fridge. Is it by these that our lives are made? Certainly not these alone. Time slips in and fills the hollows in between with finished crossword puzzles, hangers […]


What does it mean, you ask? Pourquoi ça te tient au coeur? A 4am ETA just to get one extra rise-and-shine in the boathouse from the watery light peeking in around the blackout shades and the sailboat lines clinking on the beach One, two, three strategic skip-run-leaps through early morning grass onto the porch, where […]

Scents and Sensitivities

Salted asphalt and warming grease, caffeinated metal, smoke-infused canvas. I’ve already found my bearings before getting off the bus, so I immediately integrate myself into the mass of humanity and break through to head south on 8th. A saccharine spice is interrupted by a girl whose shorts ride higher than any father would approve as […]

When Then Was Now

Things We’re Doing Wrong

Yesterday, I came across this article, which, aside from being amusing, claims that we modern humans are going about some of life’s basic actions all wrong. If we give it the benefit of the doubt and agree that it’s rooted in some level of truth, it turns out that we might just have to ease […]