Things We’re Doing Wrong


Yesterday, I came across this article, which, aside from being amusing, claims that we modern humans are going about some of life’s basic actions all wrong. If we give it the benefit of the doubt and agree that it’s rooted in some level of truth, it turns out that we might just have to ease up on saying anything is “as easy as breathing” or so easy “we could do it in our sleep.”

But that’s beside my point. What’s on the point is that if we really are handling all of these basic life habits so sloppily, it stands to reason that we could pretty easily be mucking up bigger things, too, yes?

Say, staying with grown-up jobs because we’re grown-ups now and that’s what grown-ups do, perhaps?

Maybe that’s just the adrenaline talking, but I’m going to run with it. All over everywhere.


One comment

  1. i like your plan


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