What does it mean, you ask? Pourquoi ça te tient au coeur?

A 4am ETA just to get one extra rise-and-shine in the boathouse from the watery light peeking in around the blackout shades and the sailboat lines clinking on the beach

One, two, three strategic skip-run-leaps through early morning grass onto the porch, where the 5-day-twin cousins have already risen and refallen behind their Beats

Jake’s hairy dust bunnies and Rosie’s bounding leaps and Arnie’s curly-fry wag


Breakfast round one: the easy to grab course of cherries and grapes and blueberries and blueberries and raspberries and schnozberries (the peach fuzz has grown a bruise blue peach ‘fro)

Grandma sweeps the dust bunnies and washes the dishes and pours the bucket of sink water out to mulch the hydrangeas

Breakfast round two: eggs fried, pancakes griddled, bacon sizzled, waffles ironed, toast Frenched.  Team Syrup battles Team Fake Syrup (tribe/non-tribe)

Grandma wipes the counters and washes the dishes and pours the bucket of sink water out to mulch the peonies and skins the fuzzy blue peaches and mixes in sugar and blueberries and crumble and voilà! A cobbler is born


Aunt Morning Run and Uncle Morning Bike, those over-heated over-achievers, lead the mass exodus. All residents are officially stationed on deck, on board or in water until 4:48 or sun-past-the-raft, whichever comes last, and don’t be early

How to count the time that has wrinkled, folded, and reopened under the shadow of the oak tree: 583 pages;  1 rope-burned cheek and 2 tube-burned elbows; 13 calls from lake-to-city; 11 comings-and-goings; $9,834 Pietropoly dollars; 1 Wegman’s run

23 people walk the five stations of appetite, kitchen-tv-grill-porch-kitchen-bedroom-kitchen-tv-kitchen-kitchen-porch, until the Lazy Susan slants like an inverted dreidel, weighed down by salt potatoes and potato salad and salad and green beans and corn on the cob, Uncle Ed’s ribs and sauce and that good bread and butter, and dressing and iced tea and what’s left of the cobbler (poor delicious thing has the life of a gnat)

Grandma directs the covering and bagging and packaging of leftovers, wipes the counters and the dishes and pours the bucket of sink water out to mulch the tomatoes

How to count the time that has been kneaded -stretch-fold-turn- and risen in the cool summer heat: 23 full bellies; 1 empty Pop-chair filled by 2 grandchildren; 73 minutes of Vines with Grandma; 12 trips down memory lane; 2 trips up plan-ahead trail; 3 missives from our lips to heaven’s ears (1 for tomorrow’s weather, 2 for Tiger and the PGA)

What does it mean, you ask? Pourquoi ça te tient au coeur?

2013-08-11 11.49.47

Tenir au coeur: Be or hold s.o./s.t. close to your heart.
You may be familiar with the structure of the phrase for “I miss you”: tu me manques (literally translating to: you’re missing from me).  Cet endroit me tient au coeur literally translates to something like “this place holds my heart”.



  1. LOVE
    …really, really


  2. Making the ordinary extraordinary! Beautiful!


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