Monthly Archives: September 2013

Cue: Robert Frost

A week ago, 80 percent of my conversations incorporated the following question or an eager variant of it: “Are you so excited?” In response, I was just able to hesitantly muster a jerky, figure-8 shaped nod and a stammered “yea…” The truth is, despite having quit a job, applied for a visa, bought a plane ticket, […]

To Err : Errer

The Castle It’s the fabulous castle of Now You can walk in and wander about, But it’s so very thin, Once you are, then you’ve been– And as soon as you’re in, you’re out.                                    -Shel Silverstein I love this poem for any of the many reasons anyone loves a Shel Silverstein poem: the clever […]

Getting Your Canards in a Row

Au Pair Visas for France Like any adventure, moving to France sounds glamorous and exciting, but as anyone who has gone through the process knows – whether it’s to be an au-pair, a student, a TAPIF English assistant, a company employee, or even someone’s spouse – there is a dark side. There are a number […]

Home Hiatus

Alternate title: Pack, unpack, repeat. Oh, hey there, home. I find myself in a brief (oh please let it be brief. I’m too excited to wait to get this next chapter started!) period of limbo, here, between the end of DC life and the beginning of Paris life. The packing up and moving out of […]