Home Hiatus

Alternate title: Pack, unpack, repeat.

Oh, hey there, home.

I find myself in a brief (oh please let it be brief. I’m too excited to wait to get this next chapter started!) period of limbo, here, between the end of DC life and the beginning of Paris life.

The packing up and moving out of my apartment was officially finished on Friday after a rainy day getting the big pieces out on Wednesday, followed by one less than cozy night on an air mattress in an empty room.

A bittersweet goodbye, but it came on the tail end of an active week of stay-cation, a typically impetuous visit from my former college roommate, and it rolled over into a lazy Labor Day weekend, so I can’t say the transition was all that rough.

2013-09-02 13_b

More rough was finding nooks and hideaways for all of the unpacking.  JP, Sarah, Kelly, and I have all, at one point or another, moved out and accumulated our own furniture, bedding, utensils, and decor, like good little grown children, but somehow it turns out that all of said shtuff is currently being housed in the fampi3 storage facilities, whether or not we’re staying in the house as well (thanks, Mom and Dad).

I happen to be the final homecomer, which meant two things: first and frustratingly, the least amount of available space, and second and oh-so-satisfyingly, a major purge of things old and unnecessary.

The best part of this disposal effort? You may recall from my introduction how I said I’ve been journaling since the dawn of time.  Well, voilà ce que ça donne:

Just think, these are only the ones I’ve kept.  Particularly noteworthy on the amuse-nostalgia scale: the Snap Out of It journal (the earliest of this bunch, from 1992); the fuzzy, purple, leopard print journal; and the notebooks where I got my friends involved in a collective journaling effort (read: our middle school gossip and notes back and forth to each other).

So the final waiting period has begun.  With a bit of luck from the visa gods, I’ll be on my way to begin life as an au-pair in the next three weeks. Until then, here’s to trying to convert the impatience of waiting into the excitement of  anticipation and enjoying some final quality time with family, pups, and friends. Ready, go.


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