Cue: Robert Frost

A week ago, 80 percent of my conversations incorporated the following question or an eager variant of it: “Are you so excited?” In response, I was just able to hesitantly muster a jerky, figure-8 shaped nod and a stammered “yea…”

The truth is, despite having quit a job, applied for a visa, bought a plane ticket, strategically packed my bags, left people I love, and sat myself down on the first (and second and third) of a three-leg flight out of America, six days ago I still didn’t quite believe what I was doing.

Studying abroad junior year of college came pre-packaged in a bulk set with hundreds of students, creating a collective excitement that lent weight to the fact that the experience was really about to happen.

Moving abroad after graduation didn’t happen on a bandwagon, but still it was common enough to create a sense of legitimacy thanks to a significant group of fellow graduates heading overseas to teach English, begin post-grad degrees, be reporters, and so on.

This time, though, the number of people around me making such a move could be counted in a poignet. It made it seem like something they did — not something that people do — and I felt like I fell in the “people” tribe.

But here I am in the City of Lights and it feels like one of those lights is a bright, white tube of a spotlight shining on my head reminding me to make this change of direction worth all the good things – great and loved things – I left behind.



  1. Fortune favors the brave :) Bonne chance! Looking forward to reading about your experiences!


    1. Merci Lisa! As an American hoping to transition from au pair to professional in this city, I’m looking forward to reading yours as well =)


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