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I’ve never considered myself a feminist. I’ve never considered myself not a feminist. I’ve never really considered feminism at all. My female role models were always just themselves. In hindsight, they seem family-centric before career-driven, but this image of them is assuredly more a product of my relationship with them in the roles of mothers, grandmothers, and aunts […]


Alternate title: The One That Starts Out Grumpy, but Finishes With Cake I may be a minority here, but I don’t find the French rude. Not as a rule, at least. Was someone rude to you in France? Was that person French? Was that person rude because they are French? As Dad always says: yes, yes, […]

Itinerant Mind Full

Sadness of all sadness: Evernote, my virtual shoebox of curiosities, has closed me out (of its free version, that is). And obviously on my dreadfully small – but perfectly adequate – budget, the upgraded version is out of the question — especially if I intend to keep spoiling myself with café outings, anti-splurging on adorable but […]