Monthly Archives: March 2014

Les Moines Qui Rient

I’ve done my fair share of traveling and have seen some pretty incredible sites, so it’s always hard to put the “one of my favorites” stamp on a place. The contest just has so many categories!  There’s the It’s Not Where You Are It’s Who You’re With category, the Happy Belly ribbon, the Pretty Princess tiara, […]


300 straight kilometers heading due West. Highway! Not the sidestepping foot traffic of the trottoir, not the squashed human packaging in the dank metro air, no shepherding by a clicking train timetable — but the flight and freedom of a car! The substitution of an m for a k makes average feel like speed and so we  s p e […]

Not So Speakeasy

Most people who move abroad, especially to a country whose language they want to learn, make a targeted commitment to focus their friendship attentions on native speakers. It’s a logical language-learning strategy — immersion is without a doubt the best way to improve fluency — and it was certainly mine the first two times I lived abroad. The […]