Les Moines Qui Rient

I’ve done my fair share of traveling and have seen some pretty incredible sites, so it’s always hard to put the “one of my favorites” stamp on a place. The contest just has so many categories!  There’s the It’s Not Where You Are It’s Who You’re With category, the Happy Belly ribbon, the Pretty Princess tiara, the This Can’t Be Real gold star, the Surprisingly Unexpected Underdog mention, the History Lives medal — and some sites that are just show offs and go home with a box full.

Le Mont Saint Michel definitely gets a few of the above. The setting is incredible enough on its own: an abbey on an island in the middle of a tidal bay that, at times, leaves the rock desolate and stranded in the middle of the bay and at other times (theoretically) accessible by land over the sand flats.

Then you factor in the preserved medieval buildings, passages, and ramparts of the feudal city; the perfect record for repelling potential conquerers; the ridiculous views from the top of the abbey — you can’t help but imagine the monks and soldiers laughing as invaders got swallowed up by the sandy muck and an incoming tide — and it really seems to have an unfair advantage.

I was particularly pleased that it still held the wow factor a second time around and that, despite doubting me about the worthiness of “some castle,” the stop proved a major success with my visiting brother. Another point for Mont Saint Michel.


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