Monthly Archives: April 2014

Moroccan Ramblings

Our trip to Morocco was like a seven layer cake where the planes, trains, and automobiles were the big fat cake layers and the Oooooh we’re in Morocco was the hint of sweet in between each. We spent a lot. of time. on trains. On transportation, in general, actually: from Paris to Tangiers, then to Marrakech with […]

Eating Elephant

Much like Corduroy and a certain subset of modern brides, I love Pocket. It’s my favorite app and has saved my computer from the countless tabs I used to keep open with articles and stories I wanted to read. It’s also currently the reason that I haven’t read a book in over a month! My Pocket […]

Early Onset Old Folk Syndrome

Last weekend I listened to the radio. Not a car radio, but a little brown one the size of a six-deck pack of playing cards. It had an antenna and the rugby commentator’s voice came through with the same raspy, far-away scratch as from a record player. It was startling. We had ridden up the elevator, carefully arranged like bowling pins, then […]