Eating Elephant

Much like Corduroy and a certain subset of modern brides, I love Pocket. It’s my favorite app and has saved my computer from the countless tabs I used to keep open with articles and stories I wanted to read. It’s also currently the reason that I haven’t read a book in over a month! My Pocket queue has been growing at a rate of approximately one read enjoyed, four reads added, so in March I committed to digging into the daunting – but verbally appetizing – list in the only way possible, just like Grandma Sandy taught us: Don’t bite off more than you can chew or you’ll have to eat the elephant one bite at a time.*

Unless the elephant is the universe, in which case, The Universe Always Wins.

Not elephant. Gaspacho de légumes et maquereau and canette aux épinards at Le Pharamond.

Worth the fanfare: People are beautiful. They are also stupidDoctors are people, too, but they’re a dying breed. Schools don’t have to be fancy to be effective. Good grades don’t mean a good education.  (S)hit, man. Check your judgement of the homeless at their front door. Gentrification might not be a four-letter word, but can’t sure is.

Be grateful; This is the infancy of a child of drug addicts. This is the bottom. You are not at the bottom.

(This is where the bottoms were).

Paris lostParis found. Paris on a boat. Paris on a train. The first movie ever born and bike nostalgia.

Turns out that while I’ve been binge reading, Paris has been getting green.

Smaller peanuts: Human psychology explained by storiesLong live dictionaries! It’s fun to play with words. The revolution of fairytales and why Americans win the “original accent debate” (go team).

Only three languages into life (although I’ve already forgotten significant chunks of the one needed in, I’m thinking it’s time to get serious. Maybe I’ll knock one out in the time it takes to eat a croissant – or was that a krwa-san? Or maybe I’ll just double down on the piano.

Words aren’t everything. There’s also colored wordsscented wordswords and dancewords and laughter, and surprise celebrities

many of whom are musicians and are apparently Made in Sweden. Or Australia.

But there’s more to sound than music. There’s also sound and sight (not to be confused with night sight), sound and fire (not to be confused with eating fire), and sound and Apple.

I’ll let you go now if you want as long as I can come with. And as long as there’s butter.

Speaking of apples, why aren’t we all eating them bottom up?

 *Grandma Sandy is famous for her fabulously mixed idioms, although I can’t say this one is straight from the gift horse’s mouth ;)


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