I suppose I’ve been blogging for as long as I’ve been able to write. Except that back then it was still called journaling: I used my preferred paper medium and I was my only audience — except for my spying siblings (youknowyoudiditdon’tlie!).

The thing about my journal, though, is that it has always seemed to thrive on either venting or blow-by-blow accounts of things I’ve found personally interesting, both of which are, even for the the writer, saddeningly uninteresting to revisit (takethatyousneaks!).

This blog, public as it is, is my personal push to write about those things that interest me from a new launchpad, one rooted in curiosity. Hopefully the result will be something that one or two people beside myself find interesting and, more importantly, that won’t give 80 year old me secondhand embarrassment for 25 year old me — that is, something that I’ll actually enjoy rereading 60 years from now (preferably printed on paper, like back in my day).

I’ve also written about:

Maternal and Child Nutrition :
How Partnerships are Improving Nutrition in Senegal (video)
How Can Agriculture Information Systems Be Nutrition-Sensitive?
A Focus on Nutrition Improves Community Health in Senegal
Using Trials of Improved Practices to Shift Nutrition and Hygiene Behaviours in Sierra Leone
Child Nutrition beyond the 1,000-day Window
Climate-Smart Agriculture is Nutrition Smart
The 1,000-day Journey: A First-time Mom’s Perspective on Breastfeeding and Behavior Change
Breastfeeding for a Brighter Future

An Emergency Medicine Program in South Sudan (video)

Francophilia on the Alliance Française FranceDC blog.

Education on YEP-DC’s Recess blog.




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