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Juba 3: Life Goes

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Juba 2: On Solidarity and Separation

Time here has the languid flow of vacation, but is fletched with reminders that a vacation indeed it is not. When I asked about going out to see some of the city, like the dedicated try-to-engage traveler I try to be, my coworkers contradictively said “Of course, it’s ok to walk around in the day time” […]

Juba 1: Red Dust on the White Nile

Hot like the first few seconds when you get into a car that’s been sitting in the warm sun, secure and enveloping. It’s drier than DC, so even at over 100°F it doesn’t go to my head and make me woozy like 90°F does at home. Still, I move too fast for this climate. People […]

Symbowled Over

Right on cue, the bite of the backlash has nipped back at Beyoncé’s stacked heel boots in the wake of her Superbowl performance. As unfortunate as the ignorance is unsurprising, the result of the performance is equivalently significant—and exactly what was intended. If exasperation and outrage are the soil in which revolution plants its seeds, spectacle—from marches to halftime shows—is the […]

For Slippery Slopes, There’s Always Rubber

«Ils doivent envisager qu’une grande responsabilité est la suite inséparable d’un grand pouvoir.» —French National Convention A panel at the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine released a report yesterday announcing they had resolved that it would be ethical for scientists to conduct experiments engineering babies with DNA from three parents for certain medical reasons. The advancement of […]

Are & Be v. Do-Bee-Do

Sitting in my room in the aftermath of Jonas, sipping at a mug of tea. Looking out the window at a street corner missing both the street and the corner. Listening to the silent emptiness and reveling in the conspicuous absence of demand on my time, when a friend texted me with exclamatory anguish that he was bored. Isn’t […]

Bent-Kneed, Kneading Need

Whether our immensely tiny personal worlds were in upheaval or in some semblance of peace, whether we want or need them or no, new years force an end, and a beginning. We envision the connection severed—severely—between what was, who we were last year, where and how we failed or suffered then, and who we will be when […]

Moroccan Ramblings

Our trip to Morocco was like a seven layer cake where the planes, trains, and automobiles were the big fat cake layers and the Oooooh we’re in Morocco was the hint of sweet in between each. We spent a lot. of time. on trains. On transportation, in general, actually: from Paris to Tangiers, then to Marrakech with […]

Eating Elephant

Much like Corduroy and a certain subset of modern brides, I love Pocket. It’s my favorite app and has saved my computer from the countless tabs I used to keep open with articles and stories I wanted to read. It’s also currently the reason that I haven’t read a book in over a month! My Pocket […]

Early Onset Old Folk Syndrome

Last weekend I listened to the radio. Not a car radio, but a little brown one the size of a six-deck pack of playing cards. It had an antenna and the rugby commentator’s voice came through with the same raspy, far-away scratch as from a record player. It was startling. We had ridden up the elevator, carefully arranged like bowling pins, then […]